SARTAGO is located north east of the Orvieto cliff. The company was born from the passion and risk attitude of Valentina and Filippo who, bewitched by the territory, in 2014 decided to buy the splendid property at the center of which there is a single body of 12 hectares of vineyards. Roberto Muccifuori, a young but experienced winemaker, participates in the project. The land of the Sartago is surrounded by the woods of Monte Peglia. Calcareous, sandy, rich in fossils, they were the bottom of the sea. The approach to work is based on respect for the environment, for an ethical choice above all: it is grown organically and with the utmost attention to sustainability. The management of the vineyards is at the center of everything, the wines are born in the vineyard, it is the vineyard itself which suggests the production process.